Alexandre Montenegro

Alexandre Montenegro, film director, executive producer and founding partner of SHOW OFF | MOLA that has been at the top of the Portuguese advertising market for over 23 years.

Started at 21 as a director and at 25 as executive producer. Directed more than a thousand commercials and produced thousands more, national and abroad, with special emphasis on four countries: Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Poland.

He became one of the most respected names in Portugal, filming for the biggest advertise agencies from all over the world. In 2001 he won a Lion at Cannes Festival and since then he has been awarded at other advertising festivals around the world, including Eurobest, Fiap, New York Festivals, Épica, Cresta, Clube de Criativos de Portugal and, recently, El Ojo and the ADCE Awards.

His greatest ambition is one day to be able to film with just his eyes, without the need for cameras and lenses, which can become something real due to the latest advances in technology - he believes - we’ve been much further away from happening.