Pablo Camp

Pablo is French. Or actually Uruguayan. Well to say the truth he’s been living in Portugal long enough to be Portuguese. Although he lives in Madrid when he’s not in Paris. But mostly in Lisbon though.
Anyway, he speaks many languages and has many passports.
Pablo is not a secret agent. I think. He says he’s a commercial director. He says he can prove it. His reel displays many high quality comedy, sports and VFX films. He claims they’re all his. He says he loves filmmaking as telling stories is his passion. He says the frame is where lies become the truth. He insists he’s not a spy of some sort. He asked us to tell you to burn these lines after reading. We told him it’d be online. He mumbled something we didn’t understand but sounded like a swear word, said he’d be in touch and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Some say they saw him the next day walking in the streets of Buenos Aires, others claim they saw him in Entroncamento, while others say he’s still here at the office somewhere.