A Praia da Amália


“A Praia da Amália” (Amália’s Beach) is a film based on the Amália Rodrigues’ poetry. Amália had a secret in the form of a beach. She sank her heart into that sea. With the tides’ dance it ended up falling apart. At Amália’s Beach you don’t just take salt on your arms or sand on your feet. Poems are taken.

  • Release date: 2020
  • Client: RTP 2
  • Original idea: Patrícia Couveiro, Daniel Gorjão
  • Writer: Patrícia Couveiro
  • Director: Patrícia Couveiro
  • Line Producer: Luís Gama
  • Producer: Luciano Ottani
  • Executive Producer: Alexandre Montenegro
  • DOP: Bruno Grilo
  • Animation/Post Production: MOLA
  • Sound Director: Rúben Santiago
  • Sound Post Production: Espaço do Som