As 7 Canções de Natal


"As 7 Canções de Natal" (The 7 Christmas Songs) is a Christmas special performed by António Zambujo, Buba Espinho, Nancy Vieira, Cristina Branco, Vitorino Salomé, João Gil and Ana Bacalhau.

In 2019, RTP 2 produced 7 Christmas songs with Maria do Rosário Pedreira and João Gil, that, due to the pandemic, could not be presented to the public. They were saved and now, two years later, they can finally shine. Discover how it is still possible to create beautiful and timeless Christmas carols.

Release date: 2021

Client: RTP 2

Original idea: Alexandre Montenegro, Luciano Ottani, Teresa Paixão

Singers: Ana Bacalhau, António Zambujo, Buba Espinho, Cristina Branco, João Gil, Nancy Vieira, Vitorino Salomé

Performers: Ana Jezabel, Tiago Coelho

Choreographer: Daniel Gorjão

Voice over: Patrícia Couveiro

Writer: Luciano Ottani

Director: Luciano Ottani

Line Producer: Luís Gama

Producer: Luciano Ottani

Executive Producer: Alexandre Montenegro, Tamiris Rocha

Creative Director: Luciano Ottani

DOP: Ricardo Magalhães

Drone: David Gu

Animation/Post Production: MOLA

Sound: Espaço do Som