Desafio #FicoemCasa


Desafio #FicoEmCasa” (#StayAtHome Challenge) is a kids show with a lot of funny challenges for the little ones to do at home. Rodrigo and Vladimir, the presenters, watch the daily challenges they give to kids being done and share these on the show. The challenges intend to make kids exercise their bodies while having fun.

Release date: 2020

Client: RTP 2

Original idea: Andrea Basílio

Writer: Viktoriya Starchenko

Director: Lígia Resende

Presenters: Rodrigo Paganelli, Hand Puppet (Luís Gama)

Puppet designer: Alexandre Montenegro, Luciano Ottani

Puppet fabricator: Luciano Ottani

Creative Director: Luciano Ottani

Line Producer: Luís Gama

Producer: Luciano Ottani

Executive Producer: Alexandre Montenegro

Animation/Post Production: MOLA

Sound: Espaço do Som