Falar para o Boneco


“Falar para o Boneco” (Speak to the Puppet) is a kids show for every girl and boy, woman and man, pets, plants and all other living beings. Who wants to speak with the beautiful and cute Gabi? We hope there is no shortage of candidates! With your questions and his huge curiosity, Gabi will talk with your idols and find out what they were like when they were your age! To make things spicier, Gabi will have a company of weight, not body weight, but instead the weight of grumpiness, with the one and only Vladimir, the biggest monster on Portuguese television.

  • Release date: 2021
  • Client: RTP 2
  • Original idea: Andrea Basílio, Lígia Resende, Luís Gama, Miguel Frazão
  • Writer: Miguel Frazão
  • Director: Lígia Resende
  • Research: Luís Ângelo
  • Presenter: Hand Puppets (Luís Gama and Miguel Frazão)
  • Puppet designer: Alexandre Montenegro, Luciano Ottani
  • Puppet fabricator: Luciano Ottani
  • Creative Director: Luciano Ottani
  • Set Designer/Art Director: Fernando Ribeiro
  • Illustrator: Nuno Sequeira
  • DOP: Ricardo Magalhães
  • Animation/Post Production: MOLA
  • Sound: Espaço do Som