Joga Quem QUIZZer


"Joga Quem QUIZZer” (QUIZZes Who Wants To) is a quizz show without presenter or competitors. The challenges are launched to the viewers at home, with the particularity that they can be played individually, in pairs or with the whole family. Who has never watched a quiz show and imagined guessing all the answers and coming out the winner? 

Various types of general knowledge games will be presented: multiple choice questions, discovering cities and countries on a map, guessing words, solving optical illusions, discovering objects and even solving puzzles. General culture and a very good mood will be the essential parts of this program, which has only one voice as host.

  • Release date: 2021
  • Client: RTP 2
  • Original idea: Alexandre Montenegro, Luciano Ottani, Teresa Paixão
  • Directors: Alexandre Montenegro, Luciano Ottani
  • Voice Presenter: Maria Higgs Celeiro
  • Research: Ana Santos Gonçalves, Tiago Fernandes
  • Writers: Joana Andrade, Pedro Cavaleiro
  • Script Coordinator: Marta Azevedo
  • Line Producer: Juliana Miranda, Luís Gama
  • Producer: Luciano Ottani
  • Executive Producer: Alexandre Montenegro, Tamiris Rocha
  • Creative Director: Luciano Ottani
  • Art Director: Luciano Ottani, Lucas Mano
  • Animation/Post Production: MOLA
  • Sound Post Production: Espaço do Som