Magazine Zig Zag


“Magazine Zig Zag” had two presentation phases. Between 2006 and 2013 it was presented by Pedro Leitão, who would play many different characters that lived inside the Zig Zag house. In 2014, Gabi, Filó and their friends, all hand puppets, become the magazine presenters, bringing life, color and a lot of funny educational activities.

  • Release date: 2006-2019
  • Original idea: RTP 2, MOLA
  • Presenters: Pedro Leitão (2006-2013), Hand Puppets (2013-2019)
  • Writer: Miguel Frazão
  • Client: RTP 2
  • Director: Lígia Resende
  • Art Director: Luciano Ottani
  • DOP: Ricardo Magalhães
  • Animation/Post Production: MOLA
  • Sound: Espaço do Som