Sonhos de Menino - Tony Carreira


“Sonhos de Menino” (Boy’s Dreams) is a documentary that portrays the life behind Tony Carreira’s music. The 25 years of his career under Alexandre Montenegro’s eyes, showing much more than just a singer. It shows the man, dad, colleague and artist that Tony Carreira is.

Filmed between Paris (France) and Armadouro (Portugal), it shows the artist nowadays and moments of his childhood using testimonies and recreations.

Release date: 2013

Client: RTP 1

Original idea: Regi Concerto, RTP, MOLA

Director: Alexandre Montenegro

Writers: Andrea Ferreira, Miguel Frazão

Line Producer: Catarina Fortes

Producer: Andrea Ferreira

Executive Producer: Alexandre Montenegro

DOP: Ricardo Magalhães

Art Director: Bete Marques, Rui Miragaia

Animation/Post Production: MOLA

Sound Director: Quintino Bastos

Sound Post Production: Som de Lisboa