Zig Zag - Ensaio de Natal


On “Zig Zag Ensaio de Natal” (Zig Zag Christmas Rehearsal) Zacarias is asked to pick a cast for a Christmas show. He summons his big rival, Pedro Leitão, to present him “good artists”. Pedro shows up with a lot of competitors, and Zacarias, vain as he is, refuses all of them one by one. Popota is following all of this through Skype, and finally decides to put an end to Zacarias’ incompetence in order to save the show.

The show features artists such as Art!st, Dance Cool.ture, Ai a Dança, Jazzy Kids and the Sport Clube do Porto’ gymnasts. Rui Baeta, joined by Ruben Alves and the Vox Laci choir, sing Christmas songs.

  • Release date: 2013
  • Client: RTP 2
  • Original idea: Teresa Paixão
  • Writer: Miguel Frazão
  • Presenter: Pedro Leitão
  • Directors: Lígia Resende and Luciano Ottani
  • Art Director: Daniel Gorjão
  • Executive Producer: Alexandre Montenegro
  • DOP: Ricardo Magalhães
  • Animation/Post Production: MOLA
  • Sound: Viagens a Marte